“Living the Dream”

There are a lot of ideas behind the phrase “living the dream” – both positive and negative.  When I heard this phrase being directed towards me last January after appearing in my first TV show Betrayal, I didn’t know how to respond.  What dream did they perceive me living and/or who’s dream were they referring to?  Mine?  Society’s idea of a dream?  Hollywood’s portrayal of it?


Money.  “Successful” career.  Moving up the ladder to earn more money!  White picket fence.  “Perfect” family…

This is definitely not the dream I’m living because the REALITY is (a phrase my Dad often says):  I’m 27 years old and have three jobs.  One of them is serving – working for tips.  I RENT and most likely won’t own a home (as much as I’d like to) for another 10+ years.  And most of the time in this still young career, I’m in a constant waiting period of “what’s next?”  MY ladder consists of living day to day, constantly in check….”Am I happy today?”  If yes, then it was a successful day and I’m on to the next!


Money.  Fame.  Glitz.  Glamour.  Half-naked men and women who define the term “sexy.”

I, personally, have other definitions of sexy, but this is not an argument, only a comparison.  So, no.  This is definitely not the dream I’m living.  However, when I first arrived on set for Betrayal and was led to my OWN TRAILER with an ABC CONTRACT laying out for me to sign, three bras to choose from, a $400 dress, and my own BATHROOM – I was freaking out a bit.  And when I stood in front of a camera on a GORGEOUS set, among an awesome crew of HOLLYWOOD producers, directors, writers, and actors for an ABC TV SHOW I was like…WHAT?!?  This is my life right now?!  I FELT like a glamorous Hollywood star walking on sunshine (trying to play it cool, of course).  But the pleasant reality of it all?  I was standing among genuine, hard-working, down-to-Earth, and FUN people!  And we were all at our JOB, getting paid to do what we love!


I wanted to be an actor.  And with love and support from my mom and dad, I took action to pursue that dream.  Now, at 27, acting is my career-in-the-making!  It’s my REALITY.  If that’s what people were referring to as “living the dream,” then yes!  I wish that for EVERYONE!  But with all dreams, come REAL sacrifices: moving away from my family I dearly love and working non-stop sometimes.  No matter how hard the sacrifices, I can’t imagine my life without dreaming.  Without listening to that inner voice guiding me towards my next adventure – my next inspiration – my next quest to be the positive effect I want to be in this world.