MetroHealth Life’s Advice: Safe Sleep

New York State Towing Safety PSA

New York State Safe Paddling PSA

New York State DMV Impaired Drivers PSA

Mother/Daughter duo on set with Isabella Zentkovich! She was so awesome, they flew her in from Atlanta!!

Spotify Commercial

First casting as a dancer on set! What a fun shoot. The spot only appeared on Spotify.

We had to paint our skin black and/or white so that in post-production they could easily put moving graphic images on us. First time learning about that!






Vivident Gum Commercial

This commercial cracks me up! BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY, LOOK! You can see me in the still frame of the video to the left of actor Sean Borderes in the suit.

This commercial was filmed in Bryant Park and only aired in Italy.

Just to put this into perspective…2 days of filming for 15 seconds of commercial. It may look fun, but acting is also hard work!