I live to spark imaginations and infuse joy and laughter. I’m the girl at the party who doesn’t need a friend or liquid courage to tell her to get the dance party started!

Compared to the young Annette Bening and Mia Farrow infused with Julie Andrews’ spirit and topped off with some Robin Wright control and tenacity.

I’ve been performing on stage since a young age but started my film career in Chicago after graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2013.

You can see me in a New York State Impaired Driving PSA currently, and I will also be appearing in another New York State commercial this summer. (I may or may not be on waterskiis…can’t wait!!)

Some career highlights:

  • Being cast in my first TV show! That might have been the most fun audition because I got to create the character from scratch (since there were no lines). I had SO much fun picking out her outfit and walking into that audition room feeling confident and excited to PLAY! The audition was all improv, which I also love, and after walking out, I knew that the role belonged to me. Check out my guest appearance in ABC’s ‘Betrayal’ here!

  • Working on my first independent feature film ‘Your Holy Eyes.’ This is another role I just knew that I had after leaving the audition. It was a challenge because I was playing a very complex character with a dark story of attempting suicide, running away, and wanting to find love and meaning in life. ‘Your Holy Eyes’ won an Honorable Mention Award at the Indie Gathering International Film Festival in Ohio and has also been shown at other festivals including the Durango Film Festival, Long Island Film Festival, and Great
    Lakes International Film Festival. You can check out the film’s website here.

  • Getting cast in my first commercial by being asked to audition by BreakThrough Casting, and we hadn’t ever met! It was serendipitous… It was a self-tape audition, and one of the requirements was to go through the copy (audition script for those not in the field) three times without stopping the camera. Not a big deal, however, for this audition tears were required. So after each take, I grabbed the tissue I had set aside to wipe my tears, and started over from the top as if nothing happened. It was such a funny thing to watch myself do, but it got me the gig! I booked my first commercial in New York City and that one connection lead to very dear relationships and recurring work! You can watch my New York State Drunk Driving PSA here.

  • Fun fact: the cop you see on the drunk driving PSA is a real cop. He was nervous and pulled me aside to prepare for his first-ever TV appearance. We talked it through and practiced our conversation, but I had saved my real tears for the real thing. So after our first take of me really crying, he was shocked. Had no idea I would REALLY cry! It was so funny. He didn’t know what to do! 

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